Meet the Team

We want your orthodontic experience to be stress-free, relaxed, and rewarding. Our talented team is here to help you each time you visit our practice. We look forward to working with you.


Office Manager

Welcoming patients and their families as they arrive, and spending time talking about the latest happenings in their life, are the highlights of Mary’s day. She’s been with our practice since 1994 and has developed wonderful friendships with our patients. As our office manager, you’ll find Mary at our front desk, where she handles reception, our phone, and appointments. She’s also our treatment coordinator and is adept at explaining various treatments, treatment options, and how everything works. This allows our patients to make informed decisions about their care.

Away from the office, Mary loves spending time with her three daughters and her husband, who happens to be Dr. Snyder. The two met while he was in dental school. She and her family enjoy traveling together. Mary has a Bachelor’s degree in music, studying voice.


Registered Dental Assistant

With her warm smile and friendly, approachable demeanor, Heather is always focused on the needs of our patients. She works hard to make sure they’re comfortable and relaxed, and to communicate how much we appreciate them trusting us with their orthodontic needs. Getting to know each person we care for, and building relationships with them, are what make Heather happiest during the day. Of course, she loves seeing the beautiful smiles, too!

Working chairside with Dr. Snyder during orthodontic procedures, Heather makes sure the doctor has everything needed, while she concentrates on the patient. She tells the person what the doctor is doing and checks to make sure they’re comfortable.

Outside of work, Heather’s life is centered on her family. She’s married to her best friend, Josh, and they have two daughters, Peighton and Paisleigh.


Registered Dental Assistant, Orthodontic Assistant

Valerie enjoys interacting with our patients and being part of creating beautiful smiles. She loves that orthodontic care builds a person’s self-esteem and confidence, and finds it rewarding to work in a field that makes people feel good about themselves. Quick to smile and laugh, Valerie’s always joking with our patients, helping them to relax and enjoy their visits.

As an assistant, Valerie spends her days chairside with Dr. Snyder. She prepares the patient for the treatment, ensures the doctor has everything he needs at hand, and provides support to the patient. In addition to making sure the person is comfortable, she also talks with them about what the doctor is doing and how well everything is going.

Valerie’s a Fresno native. She’s a mother of two, who loves music, the gym, and pizza.